Our Story


Eunoia: Ancient Greek : "well mind; beautiful thinking". 

An aspirational lifestyle brand shop, carrying unique multiple brands under one roof, our sweet little shop curates and creates!

We offer thoughtfully curated products that are mainly ethically sourced, fair trade and sometimes by visible minority women owned makers and wholesalers. We seek out these relationships by ensuring one or more of our core values are aligned with theirs: Social Consciousness, Ethically Sourced, Fair Trade, Sustainability.

We're excited to be able to leverage our brick and mortar to further empower makers and artisans, elevate the BIPOC and visible minority and especially women.

Our store is all about community.

In the spirit of community and empowerment, collaboratively working with a number of thoughtfully sourced makers to offer their  handmade as well as foster the community spirit with regular pop up shop in store, as well, offer beginners workshops by the local creatives to empower budding entrepreneurs and we are still growing our community!
We strive to be conscious in reducing our carbon footprint in our curated as well as handmade offerings.

Joyfully curated meaningful merchandise, often one of a kind from around the global village, we are making connections! From the women at the market stalls of Uganda in East Africa using up-cycled materials to make jewelry and accessories to mothers in Northern Ghana with their age-old Bolga basket weaving traditions. Ethically sourced and fair trade are the common theme. When you purchase one of their products, you are helping provide dignity of income to these women and owning a "one of a kind" handmade piece in the process, and adding Eunoia!

We bring you a line of wood products all from the province, and milled in Halifax, these are made in a workshop that fosters common good with their free wood workshops.

Our shop is a place to meet your local creatives and learn about their passion for their skills and snag a free sample in the process!

A true lifestyle shop in the heart of the North End community.