The first ever of its kind! Balloon Bar!!

We enjoy designing your balloons, we enjoy your reaction when you see them. We enjoy your feedback, and we are happy to see how simple balloon creation brings so much joy.

We want you to have the opportunity of experiencing the creative process as well. We have therefore been busy at work the past few months working out a model for a balloon bar. We all love "bars", and DIY stations. Now you can come in and experience the design process that is so much fun for yourself. 

We have all you need at the balloon bar/station, hand pumps, electric pumps, inspiration, and a diy video on a screen by the balloon bar we made specifically to walk you through the process with the in store balloons we have put together for the balloon bar.
Our biodegradeable balloons by sizes are in clear reusable containers and you receive all the balloons and install accessories you require for your garland at the counter.

This is one of the most exciting feature of our new shop, we can't wait for you to come with your friends and try out the balloon bar, take a picture with our snazzy backdrop set up for balloon design pictures and prouldy share your creations. See you in store soon!

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