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Haligonians love local, more than most. And we aren’t afraid to shout about it from the rooftops.

This means that a lot of small businesses, by default, love local too and, as a result, carry tons of unique, locally sourced items for their shoppers to browse.

But even so, there are shops that are taking this to a whole new level. And we are one of the shops doing just that. It’s hard to be humble when you’re so excited about the products you offer customers, knowing they are unique, for many reasons.

We have thoughtfully curated an incredible selection of sustainable, eco-friendly products, with many made by local Nova Scotia artisans, and others that are handmade, fair-trade items sourced from makers in several African nations.

We can’t wait to tell you more about them, so let’s dive in.


And just as there are so many of us who love supporting local, there are so many local makers who love sharing their beautifully crafted items with their customers.

A quick walk around a Halifax Regional Municipality block is enough to showcase this, replete as they all are with public art, curated boutiques, and studios scattered across the city.

At Eunoia, the curated selection of locally crafted, often hand-made items captures our quintessential East Coast lifestyle. These makers include Butter Bar, whose hair and body oils and butters are made from moisturizing oils like pumpkin seed and lemon, and Haven Candle Co., whose hand-crafted candles feature unique, luxurious scents.

The store also features accessories from makers including Elephant/Castle, whose jewelry pieces often feature stone and brass metal finishes, and Mount Leather & Apparel inc., whose genuine leather card holders, wallets belts and business bags are handcrafted in Elmsdale.


Eunoia has created space for BIPOC and women-owned businesses and creators, with its curated items including Bolga baskets from Ghana

We also feature a curated collection of fair-trade jewelry from countries including Uganda, which features African paper bead bracelets, hair beads, earrings and cotton scrunchies, to name a few.

Our team is also proud of the other items included within our selection of Afro-centric items, which are all curated by our store owner, Cathy, who has become a leader within Halifax’s BIPOC community, particularly for fellow women of colour.

The items include lifestyle products with Afro-centric designs on bags and clutches, notebooks and homeware, among so many others.

“I started this business because I wanted to inspire BIPOC women,” says Cathy. “I want them to know they can do this too.”


Our team could go on for days about the products that we love, but there’s an even better way for you to take it all in. That, of course, is to check it out for yourself.

Our website features an extensive online selection of the products we’ve mentioned, and so much more. And for people living within Halifax, or looking to drive into the city to shop local and fair-trade products, our store’s curated collection on Almon Street is ready to welcome you.

If you have questions, we are all ears. Reach out anytime by calling 902-407-5570, or send us an email at

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