Celebrate sustainability with Eunoia's custom, biodegradable balloons

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Banksy immortalized the image of one in one of his most recognizable street art pieces, and they are a staple at most festivities around the world.

You may have guessed what we’re talking about, even if we haven’t mentioned it. It’s balloons, and when Eunoia opened in January 2021, our balloons were a main component of what our stands for social consciousness, ethically sourced, fair trade and sustainability.

We can’t wait to tell you about Eunoia’s balloon offering that’s changing the balloon game.


Balloons, whether styled in a balloon garland, as a bouquet of balloons, at a champagne birthday or even part of a balloon arch, have become synonymous with celebration. There’s something so innocent and magical about them, whether it’s a single, helium-filled balloon, or a bunch in a larger display.

Events from baby showers, to birthdays, to anniversaries, to weddings or even holidays often include them. But as we learned about the environmental impact of these balloons on the environment, that festive feeling turned sour.

Had we known of the harmful impact of these plastic decorations, would we have used them?

Luckily for all of us, there’s a locally owned option in Halifax that offers a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative.

That option is Eunoia, where biodegradable balloons are used in designs of all kinds for those same events, meaning we can continue to celebrate in style, knowing it’s not harmful to the environment.


Our biodegradable balloons break down at the same rate of an oak leaf — in other words, very quickly. Ever noticed how little of the leaves on your lawn are leftover after the snow melts? They biodegrade incredibly fast, just like these balloons.

The biodegradable balloons we offer are made of rubber sap. The sap that is used to make them has fewer additives in it, allowing it to biodegrade at an incredible speed. An added bonus is that our supplier uses every part of the rubber tree, and plants as many trees as they’ve used.

The biodegradable balloons are just one part of what we offer, but they are a big part, and we’ll continue shouting about it from the rooftops.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we celebrate, but it hasn’t made it impossible. Our team at Eunoia has helped Halifax celebrate, with balloon drop offs, displays at events once restrictions eased, and so many other things in between.

Even though our balloons biodegrade, they don’t compromise colour or style, with so many different options to choose from. We can also feature any design or logo, meaning your custom balloon order will always look amazing.

Not sure what colours can match? No need to fret – our team loves lending a hand with design ideas. Dress up and decorate, without the guilt, and know you’re celebrating sustainably.

If you have questions, we are all ears. Reach out anytime by calling 902-407-5570, or send us an email at hello@eunoialifestyle.ca.

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